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Adhesive Glue, Business, Chemical, Sealant, Tape

Company Introduction

SRTV is a global simulated matric refer model of trade-venture that linked-up the core functional channel of intermediary’s trade portal “B2B” and “B2C” are incubating by multi-generational innovative work forces.

After getting 12 years of Experienced in Export-Import Business Channel, getting capabilities to supply products and services in the range of Consumable to Technology based products, We have been started SR Corporation® in the Year of 2016 for selling & supplying Adhesives and Abrasives categorized product in our empowered local territory.
We have started to sell lowest price based products such as one-time glues, taps, sealing adhesives, tools etc. We were giving our efforts in offline marketing and advertisements. Within 3 months we shocked….Just awake from asleep…Our dreams come into following realities: FACTORS are;

* Industry Rivalry.
* Environmental Factors.
* Factors of Energy Efficiency.
* Temperature and Heat Control.
* Threat from Advance Functional Materials Need, Want and Demand.
* Threat of New Entrants.
* Threat of Substitutes.
* Trend of Globalization.
* Trend of Digitization.
* FRMTC; Recency-Frequency-Monetary, Value, Time, Churn rate .
* Customer Loyalty.

We stopped selling from end of 2016………………!
End of this year (2018); we turned-out our “Weakness & Threats” into our “Strengths & Opportunities” that are;

* Trademark Registration from “Bangladesh Trademark, Patent and Copyright Ministry”. Registration No: H/BD/01/226594 AND H/BD/01/226595.
* USA and European Brand Equity.
* Value Based Price.
* Consumer Behavior Segmentation. Need-Want-Demand = Input-Output-outcome.
* B2B and B2C Trade Ventilation Platform.
* Environment and Energy Efficient Products: Advance Functional Materials, Organic Substitutes.
* Re-Search, Innovation, Evaluation and Development Department.
* Saturday Workshop; Education-Practice-Customer Value Maximization- Differentiation.
* Reduce Products Assortment.
* ICT focused Platform; Inline and offline Marketing.
* 10 years Market Data analysis, Primary and Secondary Database.
* Multi-Chanel and Eco-System Organizational Framework; Retail-Direct-Ecommerce.
* Disruption all Interfaces Gap (External & Internal hidden bugs).
* Mixed Management; KPIs and KFIs Monitoring.
* Effective, Efficient and Digitized Supply-Chain Systems; SEO, CRM, Web and internet based.
* Think Global; Focus Local.
………………………………………………………..We Built; Not Sell,.
Mr. Sazzad Chowdhury

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S.R. Corporation®
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11 - 50 People
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US$1 Million - US$2.5 Million
Adhesive Glue, Business, Chemical, Sealant, Tape

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