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RALS Agro Limited
Office: House No: 11 Road No: 08 , Sector No: 04, Uttara,Dhaka-1230, Tel :02-8955487,8952468
Rangpur Office: ralsagro.bd09@yahoo.com,mbpagrovet.bd09@yahoo.com,web site: ralsagroltd.com
Hot Line: 01762-684000, NSM-01762684003, Dr.01762684004,Mosharof:01762-684050
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Dear sir,
We ,from RALS Agro Limited ,Pleased to inform you about our veterinary and fish product information and product list .Hope, we can provide you the best quality products for your feed mills and hatchery. We want your kind cooperation in this Regards .

S.L Products Name Composition Origin Pack size Special Price
1 Grow Fast Liquid premix growth promoter SPAIN 1ltr 741
2 Perivac Plus Vitamin-E:250mg,Biotin:2.5 mg, selenium: 1.0 mg INDIA 1ltr,5ltr 995,4370
3 Gitacid-FS A Synergistic blend of essential organic acids of propionates,Diformates and others along with buffers and stabilizers INDIA 1ltr,5ltr 590,2830
4 Toxin Plus LQ Organic acid,Acetic acid ,Lactic acid ,Citrac acid and Phosphoric acid ,Vitamin –B1,Vitamin B2,Vitamin B-6,Vitamin-B-12,Calcium Chloride,Potassium fodided,Sodium Selenite,Zinc Chloride, Iron Chloride,Copper Sulphate,Cobalt Chloride,Manganese Chloride ,Magnesium Chloride,Biotin, Nicotinamide,Folic acid,yeast Extract, Disodium EDTA,L-Lysine,DL-Methionine. INDIA 1ltr 997
5 ATTRACT Cod-Liver Oil Squid oil INDIA 1ltr 618
6 HI-LIV Liver Stimulant & Correcting INDIA 1ltr 290
7 P-PLEX Vitamin B-Complex,Vitamin with Amino Acids INDIA 1ltr 309
8 VITABRO-14 Vitamin-A,Vitamin-D3,Vitamin-E,Vitamin-K3,Vitamin-B1,Vitamin-B2,Vitamin-B6,Vitamin-B12,Vitamin-C.Niacin,Calcium panthothenate,Folic acid,Methionine,Lysine HCL
KOREA 1kg 2425
9 GROW FAST powder
Powder premix growth promoter (For Dairy,Poultry & Fish) SPAIN 1kg 660

10 NOVA-ZM NOVA-ZM is the combination of Zinc & Manganese amino acid complex. SINGAPORE VIETNAM 25kg 380
11 ANIWELL 21 Kinds of Multivitamins Amino Acid Minerals KOREA 1kg 2650
12 IMMUNE-FORTE KBNP’s Special Formulation,Benefivial granule Herbs with Vitamins, Minerals ,Amino Acids. KOREA 25kg 19000
13 NOVAMIX-9 Vitamins and Minerals Premix For Layers SINGAPORE VIETNAM 25kg 3220
14 TOXIN-ZERO Bentonite-montmorillonite 495g,Kieselgur-10g,Sepiolite-495gm. KOREA 25kg 9025
15 T.C.T Zeolites,Activated Charcoal,Protein hydrolysate,Organic acids,Mannose sugars, Digestive enzymes. INDIA 25kg 2755
16 COCKXYME Amylase,Cellulase,Xylanase,Phytase,Pectinase,Glucanase,Lipase,Galactosidase,Protease,Hemicellulase. USA 1kg 495
17 Z-CIN Zinc Bacitracin-15% INDIA 1kg 755

18 KTX PREMIX Tylosin Phosphate 10% feed additives KOREA 20kg 22800
19 PVS CTC-15% Chlorotetracycline Hydrochloride-15% INDIA 25kg 10330
20 LIFE-LINE Alkylbenzyldimethylammonium chloride,Glutaraldehyde, Formaldehyde,Lemon fragnance,Purified water.(A Powerfull solution disinfectant ) KOREA 5ltr 6650
21 FISH CURE Chlor tetracycline hydro chloride-15%, Carrier-Q.S INDIA 1kg 482
22 FISH ZYME Enzymes protease,Amylase, Lipase,Cellulose,Pactinase,Phytase,beta Glucans,Vitamin-A,Vitamin-E,Vitamin-B1,Vitamin-B2,Vitamin-C,Lnositol,L-Lysine,DL-Methionine,Choline Chloride,Niacinamide,Folic acid,Herbal Sigestants,Fortified with minerals. Singapore Vietnam 1kg 565
23 PVS AQUA MIX A Powerful fish feed premix INDIA 1kg 204
24 FISH BOOSTER Special Formulation ,Beneficial granule Herbs with Vitamins,Minerals, Amino Acids. KOREA 1kg 850

Thanks a lot
RALS Agro Limited

Mr. azaharul islam

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