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 Introduction

With the potential and effective planning and the demand of the time, we have established FAST TRACK COLLECTION LTD. as a buying agent since 2004. We are moving with our skilled team to satisfy the customer in regards to pricing, quality, sourcing and the delivery matter.

 Aim of Fast Track Collection Ltd.:

Since it was created, FAST TRACK COLLECTION LTD. in BANGLADESH has witnessed an ever increasing steady growth as an Export Agent, representing foreign buyers and helping them to discover the tremendous potential of buying garments with the object to meet the best of the local suppliers. It is a quintessential intermediary between the buyer and the exporter as the offices best ensure the buyers interest and stimulate trade currents through activities of sampling definition of the orders, initial and mid production follow-up,. Quality control, shipment monitoring….

 A Reinforced Implantation:

The FAST TRACK COLLECTION LTD. office are equipped with a good know how of the local suppliers, products and available production technology in their respective centers, this allows them to propose the best quality product, at the satisfactory price and give the best possible delivery and service to its foreign buyers. Due to its 08 years of experience in export from Bangladesh, these offices are able to provide optimal follow-up of the production and carefully supervise the whole production process from the inspection of an order till its final execution. For more kind information it will help you to market judge the product and the price more effectively.

 The path to Diversification:

The proximity to various sources and the eventual partnership developed with the EU and US importers, buyers has allowed these offices to diversify from its range of woven & knitted garments, lingerie and night wears into new product areas, leading to a successful marketing of yarn and fabric (both knitted and woven).

The FAST TRACK COLLECTION LTD.never ending thirst for new technology will lead it to remain the pioneer in breaking global boundaries in offering its services bettering them for its existing clients and diversifying into new markets.

1. Manfried Hegler GmbH & Co.Kg, (Essen, Germany)
2. Polaris Handelssges M.B.H, (Austria)
3. Sunrise Textiles OY(Finland)
4. Global Clothing & Fabrics,Inc (USA)

International Clients:

These office play an Essential part in the Company Helping overseas clients in the selection and sourcing of products, the choice of the right supplier for the right product, giving advice and assistance to the buyers, ensuring quality control by means of a systematized inspection method (The A.Q.L (1.5 to 2.5 ) throughout the production process and taking charge of the entire logistic follow-up, i.e., from the sampling stage till the delivery of the ordered product to the clients warehouse. Goodwill enjoyed with its suppliers allows going the extra mile in terms of sourcing and developing the right product, and reaching the buyers required price points.

-The company’s experience and know how allow it to deal with all international Markets.
In addition to its adaptability to the different fashion trends and styles required by the international markets, the companies versatility in conforming with the manifold requirements of its buyers, leads to “special tie up’s” with buyers of all kinds; Importers, Hypermarket group, Specialized Distributors, Brand Names,Etc.

 Products:

 Knitted Garments
- Tank tops, T-shirts, Sweat Shirts
- Halter Tops, Dresses, Skirts,
- Pajama, Nightwears,Overalls,Boxer,shorts,
Briefs, e. t. c
- Lycra leggings, Shorts, jogging pants, Fancy Trousers…
- Beach Wear.

 Woven Garments
 Shirts, Blouses, , All Kinds of Fashion Tops,…
- Shorts, Bermudas, Pants, Jeans,
- Jackets, Blouses, ,
- Pajama Sets, Boxer Shorts.
- Sweaters Garments
- Sweaters, Cardigans, All kinds of flat knits,Jaquard,intarsia

 Fabric & Yarn Exports

- Any type of cotton, Polyester / Cotton, / Viscose, Cotton e.t.c. for Woven and knitted grey or finished fabrics.
- 100% cotton – combed or carded yarn – hosiery or woven yarn.


Managing Director
Phone : +88 02 8962857
Cell : +88 01711 5434 72
Email :


i) Customers are always right, and they are right judge to be seated right
Position to take right decession, for the price + workmanship+ lead-time

ii) We don’t feel hesitate to make development of any kind of sample any
style and do not look how many style customers need to develop.

iii) We believe slow progress in strong foundation for long term relationship.

iV) We do not believe heavy office decoration and poor work.

V) We believe always for customer satisfaction to visit our office, if the
programs to near future travel in Bangladesh.

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