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Haque Family originally migrated from Arabia about three hundred years ago and tentatively settled in northern India and started their business in India having its Head office in Calcutta. Just after partition of Indian Sub-Continent in 1947 the Head Office of the Family had been shifted to Dhaka in the year 1948. The HAQUE GROUP was the Distributors of M/S. Huntley & Palmers, the famous biscuit company ofReading in England, Union Carbide of America for their Everyday brand battery and many other agencies. The Company\\\'s activities were limited to its commercial business only. Apart from that the Haque group had invested a considerable amount of money in building properties and estates inCalcutta and Assam. So Haque Family was basically a Landlord Family.

After the partition of India in 1947 the Haque Group had started Import and Export business.Ever since the Haque Group are engaged in building the new factories and expansion of the business. There has been a continuous improvement in both Batteries and Biscuit factories in that many new plants and machinery have since been installed in order to modernize the plant and machinery whereby attaining the present capacity. The family has real estate properties in many countries and has invested heavily in real estate, herbal oil and textile manufacturing units and trading firms.

Whereas it is a family business, the company is doing business under the governing board of directors those are the shareholders of the company and elected by the Board Meeting. At present the line up of the Board of Directors are:
1. Mr. Tamizul Haque, Barrister-at-Law - Chairman
2. Mr. Adam Tamizi Haque - Managing Director

Haque Group of Industries consists of the following Companies :

It is the Parent Company of all the Companies. It is a Trading Company, which does Business of Imports and Exports, Distribution, Indenting Business etc and it, is also the sole Agent of all the Industries of Haque Group. It has 34 Sales offices in twenty-five district towns in Bangladesh, and has 105 motor vehicles for the purpose of distribution of Haque Products.

The Company has Biscuit Unit, which has two lines, Confectionary unit to manufacture all kinds of Confectionary including hard-boiled candidates and toffee, Wafer unit wherein World Class wafers are manufactured. Chocolate unit wherein there are three lines for making different kinds of Chocolates. Canning and Grocery Units wherein Pineapple, Fish, Meat and fruit, Vegetables, Juices are tin caned and in the grocery unit, Jam, Jelly Marmalade, Squashes, Tomato Ketchup are manufactured. One more biscuits line that is the third line, has been Installed and the same has been supplied by world renowned Company namely, M/S. HAAS Hecrona, Vienna (Austria).

It is a Modern and high capacity complete factory to manufacture Dry Cell battery of UM-1 and UM-2 sizes wherein 150,000 pieces of batteries are manufactured daily.

A Fully Automatic State of the art complete Soap Factory wherein both laundry and toilet soaps are manufactured. This Company is also producing FA Soap Under license from M/S. HENKEL KgaA of Germany and Dettol Soap of M/S. Reckitt & Colman.

A Modern High-tech Battery producing unit wherein UM-3 Battery (Pencil Cell), UM-4 (Remote Battery) & Metal Jacket UM-1 heavy-duty Battery cells are manufactured.

The yearly turnover of the Haque Group of Industries is 20 Million USD.
All the Companies are Private Limited & are very much within the family fold and none else sharing them.

The Group is very much interested in further growth and would consider Joint ventures with Foreign Companies who are interested in projects including Snacks, Detergent Powder etc. The Group is widely diversified and has many landed properties in many countries. The Group also has a Cinema House and Chain of Stores in Countries outside of Bangladesh. The Haque Group is also considering of going public by incorporating new Public Companies so that investments are possible for setting up Industries needing colossal finances.

The Group intends to set -up factories in Countries especially and India.

The Group has started exporting its products to countries, Like U.A.E., Bhutan, Saudia Arabia, India, U.S.A.,Canada, Nepal, U.K., Singapore etc.

The Group is also involving with warehouse management system for various multinational and national corporate companies inside its factory premises. Specially within Haque & Company (Drycell) Limited, at 161, Tongi Industrial Area factory compound there are many corporate clients those are managing their warehouse such as LG-Butterfly Ltd, Rahim Afrooz Energy Services Ltd, IBPL (Cocacola), Dhaka Industries Ltd (Polar Ice Cream), Airtel Bangladesh Ltd (Total Asia Logistics Pvt. Ltd.), Pacific Group etc.

On the other hand within Haque Brothers (Carbide) Ltd. at 170, Tongi Industrial Area factory premises Uneliver Bangladesh Limited, Nitol Motors Limited, DHSM Universal Limited, Ajinomoto Limited etc companies are continuing their warehousing system with best corporate services.
Mr. Babul Akter

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