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Import Export, Self Adhesive Manufacturer

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We have been in business since 1992, which provides us the opportunity to review and reflect on the cycles we have encountered and what we have learned about our industry and ourselves.

In the past, we focused first on trading, service oriented business, etc., and then we learned our greatest success came by letting our people pursue their dreams for the company while management provided the support for those dreams. What we found were results far greater than we had imagined.

In order to carry out this philosophy, we have a company with 9 divisions that are supported, rather than managed, by our Private Limited Company called “RES GROUP”. The magic of this approach has been that all employees can “get their arms around” the group they’re in, and they can see the difference they make. It also puts our clients in direct contact with all of the decision-makers that affect their project.

We are proud of our people and where they are taking our company. With our decentralized form of management, it is imperative that we have people who both reflect the culture of the company and are dedicated, intelligent leaders. We strongly support an approach of promoting from within and encouraging our people to follow their interests. For our employees, we dedicate ourselves to providing an environment that welcomes their creativity and new ideas, provides challenges for them to strive to be their best, and allows our people to find and follow their passions. Our employees are the future of our company.

Here in our group, not only the management can take decision about the project, every member who is working as an employer can take decision for better aspect of the company and for that reason every clients of our company gets more prompt service and supply as per their requirements.

We believe the proverbs: “Clients are always right”.

For our clients, we dedicate ourselves to providing service that goes beyond just constructing themes… we need to be cooperative team players who focus on preventing and solving problems and who create an atmosphere of honesty, respect and open communication.

Thanks for getting to know us a little better; we look forward to hearing from you.

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Res Group
Import Export, Self Adhesive Manufacturer

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