MH Power Solution

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Circuit Breakers, Contactors, Generator Parts

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FAISAL ENTERPRISE was established in 1999 with a view to provide electrical solution through quality products with warranty. As a part of our diversification efforts, FAISAL ENTERPRISE have quickly expended in the Government as well as Private sector. As to make customer more satisfied and for our complete solution methodology we include so many new products and also launch a new wings named as MH POWER SOLUTION & TECHNOLOGY. We believe, however that, the journey has just started and we continually seek ways to improve our products, services and overall customer satisfaction.

As an innovative company in its every respective sector, our strong concentration is to capture the major market share in respective field with satisfaction of customer and establish our company as the role model company in Bangladesh.

1. Satisfaction of customer is our first priority
2. Develop brand image as a professional company
3. Practice corporate culture and develop new concept in business
4. Human resource development as well as customer

Corporate Culture:
1. We are highly concentrated on customer satisfaction, not only for profit
2. Conscious on quality product and service, not for tradition
3. Friendly, cooperative working environment
4. Participatory management practice

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MH Power Solution
Circuit Breakers, Contactors, Generator Parts

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MH Power Solution

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