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Micro credit management software Module: File 1. New 2. Open 3. Close 4. Logoff 5. User setting 6. Exit Module: Properties 1. Company details 2. Chart of accounts 3. Create Account type 4. Create Group Chairman/ 5. Admission ( with pictures of member, signature & nominee ) 6. Account registration:- =Loan management =Saving management = New account create =General loan =Monthly loan =Yearly loan =Disaster loan =Environment loan =Option for any customized loan =FDR, Deposit, MSA, =Multi customized option for saving account =New saving account no. create =New saving account create =Installment management =Group chairman wise saving /loan management 7. Search personal info 8. Search account info 9. Search Client list 10. Search Group member wise member list 11. Add planning (where work schedule ,group schedule ,day schedule ,Etc.) Module: INVESTMENT 1. Item group 2. Item list 3. Purchase 4. Purchase return 5. Sale 6. Sale return With all invoices, and all button of print, delete, edit, print ,save Module: SALARY 1. Salary generate with increment, Gratuity, Provident fund, (individually ) 2. Salary Payment 3. Salary due 4. Salary sheet 5. Search account wise increment, gratuity, provident fund and salary With all invoices, and all button of print, delete, edit, print ,save Module: Accounts 1. Deposit 2. Withdraw 3. Cash transfer 4. Revenue income 5. Expenses 6. Amount receivable 7. Amount payable Module: Attendance 1. Add employee 2. Daily attendance 3. Salary schedule and many more 4. Absence 5. Reputation (Good, Bad) With all options non-editable) Module: Reports 1. Chart of accounts 2. Purchase report 3. Sale report 4. Stock report 5. Asset history 6. Transaction report 7. Cash and bank statement 8. Employee wise collection report 9. Account wise collection report 10. Group chairman wise collection report 11. Group chairman wise dew report 12. Group chairman wise client report 13. Group ch
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