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Brand Name: Rubber & Plastics
Place of Origin: Bangladesh
Type: Export
Material: Rubber, Plastics & Jeans wast

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Dear Sir/Madam Good day. Ongoing following items u can buy right now and regular basis. I need stable buyer. - Silicon rubber scrap natural = (Post Industrial) (1CTR right now & regular basis) - EPDM rubber scrap = (Post Industrial) = (2CTR right now & regular basis) - EVA shoe waste fresh = (Post Industrial) = (2CTR right now and regular basis) - Synthetic (SBR rubber waste) = (Post Industrial) = (1CTR right now & regular basis) - Jeans waste clean 100% cotton = (3CTR right now & regular basis). - TC waste clean - PC all grade. - POM = 90% Post Ind. 10% Post Consumer - ABS flakes white-gray (Monitor/printer/small battery) - ABS Battery box crush white-gray/black - ABS small battery box black - ABS big bobbin crush - ABS small bobbin/PC small bobbin - PP battery crush - PET chips - SAN Look to hear u soon. B rgd faisal Siddique Cor. (Montazir Ent. Sis. Con) Mobile: +8801673934544 Skype id: faisalexe1
Mr. Faisal Siddique
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