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Brand Name: bangladesh
Model Number: 011
Place of Origin: bangladesh
Minimum Order Quantity: 18 m.ton
Type: jute
Color: natural
Material: natural jute fibre
Certificate: erc no:r 72979,tin no:470-105-1423, trade license no:2903,bogra c
Size: 44"*26.5"
Weight: 900gm

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a) Sacking Cloth: Width:22\"-30\"; Weight: 11-24 ozs. Weaving: Plain and Twill; Colour: Natural; Packing: 500-1000 yds./bale b) Sacking Bag: Sizes: As per requirement; Weight: Standard or light; Sewing: Overhead Dry Sewn, Overhead Tar sewn, Safety sewn (optional); Colour: Natural, Bleached; Branding: Up to 3 colour; Packing: 200-500 bags 1 bale (Flat or folded). Some Standard Sackinq Baqs: Twill Bags: A. Twill bag (44\"x26.5\" - 2.62 lbs.), B.Twill Bag (44\"x26.5\" - 2.25 lbs.), L.Twill Bag (44\"x26.5\" - 2.50 Ibs), Binola Bag (44\"x26.5\" - 2.00 lbs.), Corn Sack (41\"x31\" - 1.75 to 2.15 lbs.), Cement Bag (29\"x20\" - 1.25 lbs.), Coffee Bag (40\"x26\" - 2.00 lbs.), Grain Sack 60\"x30\" - 3.25 lbs.), Sugar Bag (48\"x28\" - 2.50 lbs.). a) Hessian Cloth: Width: 22\" to 80\", Weight:5 to 14 ozs./sq.yd., Colour: Natural, Semi-brite, Full-brite, Bleached and Dyed; Packing: 700 - 2000 yds / bale or in roll. b) Hessian Baq: Sizes: Available as per buyer\'s requirement; Sewing: Herackle and Overhead (safety sewing optional); Colour: Natural, Semi-brite, Full-brite, Bleached, Dyed; Branding: upto 3 colour; Packing: 500-1000 bags flat or folded per bale. c) Some Standard Bags: Australian Bran Bag, Fertilizer Bag, Japanese Rice Bag, Onion Pocket, Potato Bag, Shopping Bag ete. Carpet (Secondary) Backinq Cloth (CBC) Width: 47\" - 203\"; Weight: 5.5 - 9.0 ozs./sq.yd.; Packing: 500 - 1000 yds.1 roll. Jute Yarn and Twine Quality: CB, Hessian and Sacking; Ply: 1- 3; Count:8 - 20 lbs.; packing: Precision / Mackroll in hank.
Mr. Uttam kumar Mohonto
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